Turn your
audience into
passive income


Enjoy all of the benefits, without all the work.

Brndbox provides you with your own subscription box. We manage all the work that goes into the box, which includes

Sourcing the product

Our buyers are experts in market trends and understand what product categories and brands appeal to each influencer’s following. Leveraging this skillset allows them to find the best brands to insert into your custom brndbox!

Working with the brands

Curating awesome merchandise month after month is not easy, nor is the contracting and negotiation piece. Our team works with the myriad of different brands to keep the fresh merchandise coming and at the right price, which keeps your followers coming back!

Planning the logistics

Managing the logistics behind these subscriptions month after month can be daunting. Our team, boasting decades of experience in eCommerce and logistics handles the process from start to finish (receiving the inventory at our warehouse, picking & packing the items into your brndbox, and shipping to the customer. Whew that was a lot! 

Managing subscriptions

Our team manages all the subscriptions, customer support, and payouts to you. So you can focus on promoting your custom brndbox, have fun engaging your followers, and sharing this exciting new product with them!

How It Works

We increase a brand’s exposure to their target audience


Reach out to us and our team will get you started with creating your own Brndbox

Started with creating
your own Brndbox

You will review all

Confirm Brand

After you review and approve the products, we will coordinate the logistics, take inventory, pick/pack/ship, and manage the customers!


Post some stories, images, or videos on social media about your brndbox to generate a buzz!

Post some stories, images
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Generating a new, passive
revenue stream

Generate Revenue

Brndbox provides a way for you to both engage your followers in a new way, while generating a new, passive revenue stream