What is BrndBox?


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How we create unique and engaging experiences

The Brndbox team takes the excitement of a subscription box and creates a unique experience that is tailored to each influencer’s following. 

The team combines their experience in logistics, buying, marketing, and technology to apply a  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution to the bustling influencer marketing space. We add value to both trending brands and popular influencers. 



We increase a brand’s exposure to their target audience 

Activate new customers

We help new and established brands convert customers through a unique medium.

Gain exposure to the right audience

Targeting the relevant market leads to higher conversion rates.

Quantify Results
Understand what categories work well for your brand by monitoring each campaign’s success



Turn your audience into passive income

Generate more revenue

Our unique solution enables influencers to leverage their following to generate more revenue utilizing our subscription box.

Engage your audience

A new subscription box each month presents the perfect opportunity to share the unboxing experience and discuss with audience

Grow Your Brand

Brndbox offers a new way to reinforce your brand and stay in the minds of your followers


Contact us

We’re excited to hear from you! Ask any questions or reach out to start working with our talented team.