We Increase Brands’ Exposure to Their Target audience

Marketing and overall exposure is not enough. In the competitive eCommerce landscape, getting your product in front of the right audience is imperative

How It Works

We increase a brand’s exposure to their target audience

Find the right

Our team will find the perfect influencer to pair you up with given your marketing goals

Pair you up with given
your marketing goals

Promote and place in
the subscription box

Decide on

Determine the product you want to promote and place in the subscription box

Finalize order details

Agree on the price, quantity, and coordinate delivery to our fulfillment center

Finalize the order form
and coordinate delivery


How brands work with us

We are always looking for new and exciting brands to partner up with. It is our passion to help brands find their perfect customers, allowing them to grow. Onboarding is a pretty seamless process and can usually be done in a few steps:
  1. Define ideal audience the brand is targeting
  2. Confirm product available for a specific box
  3. Match with an influencer that fits the mould
  4. Go live and watch your brand grow through exposure